The Archdiocese of Madurai is guided by Most Rev Dr. Antony Pappusamy.

The Diocese of Madurai was raised to an Archdiocese on September 9, 1953, with Tiruchirapalli, Tuticorin and Kottar as its suffragans. On August 30, 1987, the Archdiocese of Madurai gave birth to one more suffargan diocese, the Diocese of Sivagangai. On November 10, 2003, a part of the Archdiocese of Madurai was given to the newly born Dindigul Diocese.


Former Prelates:

Most Rev John Peter Leonard sj (1938-1967)

Most Rev Justin Diraviam (1967-1985)

Most Rev Casmir Gnanadickam sj (1985-1987)

Most Rev Marianus Arokiasamy (1987-2003)

Most Rev. Peter Fernando (2003 – 2014)