Parish Name:

Holy Redeemer’s Church
Holy Redeemer’s Church, Bungalow Medu, Madurai Road, Theni.
Patron Saint:
Holy Redeemer
Telephone No:
04546 252145
Theni is one of the important markets in Tamil Nadu. The parish started in 1939 with Fr. Pujo S.J. as the first parish priest, has very few catholics at the centre; but there are more catholics in the neighbouring villages; Kottur village is half Catholic. Early missionaries used to come from Silukkuvarpatty and later from Periyakulam to Theni area, their main thrust being towards Pallers who are in a majority in this area. Fr. Pujo S.J. made this conversion movement successful thanks to the help of the dedicated Br. Alphonse, of the Sacred Heart Congregation. The original church Theni had been built by Fr. Susai Regis from the fund left by

Fr. Munch S.J. around 1930 and the present enlarged church was built by Fr. Pujo around 1942.

The Presentation Sisters who were not satisfied with their work in Periakulam came to Theni in 1937 and started a school and a small medical aid centre under the trees. Now the school has grown into the Presentation H.S.School and the medical centre has become the present Holy Redeemer’s Hospital specializing in maternity cases.

The parish priest is looking after two schools a Primary School and a High School for boys and girls in Theni and a Primary School in Kottur. The other parish priests have been Fr. Devasia, S.J., Fr. Burns S.J.,
Fr. Clayton, S.J., Fr. Kulandaisamy S.J., Fr. Ignatius, Fr. J. Pancras, Fr. Maria Pancras and Fr. S. Jeganather from January 1988-92.

People still remember Fr. Clayton not only for his building churches in Uppukkotai, Andipatti and Bodinayakkanur, but chiefly for his love of poor women on whom he would lavish his daily alms and many of whom he sent to convents outside Theni.


Succession of parish priests:

a) Fr. Munch : 1939-40
b) Fr. Pujo : 1940-46
c) Fr. Anthony Simo : 1946-51
d) Fr. Bruno : 1951-56
e) Fr. Clayton : 1956-62
f) Fr. Pignol : 1962-63
g) Fr. Meempillikavil : 1963-71
h) Fr. Kulandai Samy : 1971-78
i) Fr. I. Iganatius : 1978-79
j) Fr. Fr. J. Pancras : 1879-85
k) Fr. Maria Pancras : 1885-88
l) Fr. S.Jeganathan : 1988-92
m) Fr. Francis Britto : 1992-98
n) Fr. A. Vedamanickam : 1998-2004
o) Fr. A. Arul : 2004-2009
p) Fr. Vimi Charlie : 2009-


Substations with chapels:

a. Andipatti b. Karuthamalai Colony (Indhira nagar) c. Kottur
d. Kodangi patti e. Maniyakkaran patti f. Muthu thevan patti
g. Manicka Puram h. Uppukkottai i. Valayappatti

Participatory structures in the parish:

Anbiam, parish Council, Youth



Legion of Mary, Vincent de Paul

Religious in the Parish:

a) Presentation convent (No. of sisters) – 18, Tel – 04546-253907
b) Immaculate conception convent (no. of sisters)- 4,
Tel- 04546-253068
c) Seva Missionaries, Andipatti (no. of sisters)-5, Tel – 04546-242095

Secular Institute:



Institutions under the Parish Priest:

School: 3 Students Teachers
R.C. High School, Theni 796 (42) 25 (23)
R.C Primary School, Theni 576 15
R.C Primary School, Kottur 182 5

Institutions under the Religious

Presentaion Convent Hr. Sec. School, Theni 2410 64
Mary Matha Mat.Hr. Sec. School, Theni, (CMI)
Holy Redeemer Hospital, Theni (presentation Sisters)

Kurusadis & grottos in the Parish



Name, profession and telephone number of important and influential Catholics in the Parish:

1.Dr. Doss – 9443734519
2. Dr. Fajam – 9944454359
3. Dr. Amalraj – 9842764160
Professor :
1. Mr. Sathyanathan – 9486225850
2. Mr. James Antony – 9443021715
3. Mr. Maria John – 9442025030
Human Right Activist
Mr. Vincent – 9789215457