Parish Name:
Infant Jesus Church
St. John Maria Vianney Illam, Ugarthe Nagar, Shenbaganur, Kodaidanal, Dindigul dt – 624104.
Patron Saint:
Infant Jesus
Telephone No:

Ugarthe Nagar Infant Jesus Church parish was bifurcated from Shenbaganur on 30.08.2009. It is situated in the district of Dindigul and in the Taluk of Kodaikanal. It is the 8th parish in the Kodaikanal hills.
This parish has three substations namely Utcot, Srinivasapuram, Carmelpuram. The total circumference of this parish is around 8kms, and its territories are srinivasapuram, Anandagiri 7th street, Utcot, Ugarthe Nagar and Carmelpuram. There are around 4000 people in this area and among them 400 families are Catholics. 2000 is the Catholic population.
The main work of the people is cultivation; some work as drivers and guides. There are also good numbers of teachers and government workers. But, most of the people are petty shop owners or work in hotels as servers and attendants.
The new presbytery was built in 2009. Worship at this place began in 1975 with a small Arockia Annai Kurusadi. Since people were increasing in number, again it was renovated and rebuilt as a small church in 2003 by Fr. Xavier Raj, the then parish priest of Munjikkal. Another chapel of the Carmelite Cloistered Sisters is also used for public liturgy and worship for the convenience of the people at Carmelpuram.
This area “Ugarthe Nagar” is named after a Jesuit priest called
Fr. Emile Ugarthe, a priest from Spain. Out of his love for the people, he made all arrangements to distribute lands freely and to build houses for the poor Christian labourers. There are six religious Congregations ministering in this parish. The Parish church is to be built yet.


Succession of parish priests

Fr. Antony Samy A. – 30.08.2009
Fr. Innaci Arputharaj – 2011

Substations with chapels

Srinivasapuram – St. Michael’s Church
Utcot – Arockia Annai Church

Participatory structures / assoications in the parish

Parish council & Finance council


Legion of Mary, Altar boys and girls,
Association for teachers and government employees,
youth, Sunday Catechism, Catechism teacher’s association

Religious in the Parish

a) Jesuits (Sacred Heart College), members : 10,
Ph: 04542-241201, 243164.
b) Servite sisters , members : 2, Ph: 04542-242641
c) DMI sisters, members : 4, Ph: 04542-240857
d) St. Louis convent, members : 2, Ph: 04542-242473
e) Carmelite Monastery , members : 15. Ph: 04542-243425
f) CIC , members : 3, Ph: 04542-241948.

Secular Institute


Institutions under the Parish Priest



Institutions under the Religious

Under Jesuits :
a) Anglede Institute of Natural History
b) Archives and Museum
c) Retreat Center
d) Inigo Children Home, students : 120, staff : 4.
e) Girihini centre, students : 30, staff: 2.
Under CIC sisters :
a) St. Joseph Primary school, Carmelpuram, students : 183, staff (Catholics): 5.
b) St. Joseph Home for Children , students : 45, staff: 1.


Kurusadies & grottos in the Parish:

a) Poondi Matha Kurusadi – Ugarthe Nagar
b) Poondi Matha Kurusadi – Carmel puram.


Name, profession and telephone number of important and influential Catholics in the Parish:

a) KVM Jeeva – Politician DMK Councilor, Ph: 9443123758
b) Xavier – Politician DMK.
c) Sahayamary – Politician DMK .
d) William – Politician ADMK
e) Karuppiya – Politician Congress
f) John – Police