Parish Name:

Christ the King Church
Patron Saint:
Christ the King
0452 – 2417499
A Brief history:

Melur is a town in Madurai District with a population of around 30,000. It is about 28 km. from Madurai, on the Madurai-Trichy National Highway. The population is predominantly Hindu. Around the year 1935, the local dominant Community of Kallars became a problem for the then British Rulers. To control them a force was stationed here. The Catholic Officers of this Regiment approached Fr. T. Amalraj, S.J., the then Parish Priest of K. Pudur, Madurai for their spiritual needs. Fr. Amalraj readily obliged them by giving them occasional Sunday Masses. Since it was found that Sivagangai parish was in a better position to cater to the spiritual needs of Melur Catholics, Melur was made a substation of Sivagangai Parish.

Rev. Fr. Sicard, S.J., a very zealous French missionary, as parish priest of Sivagangai, bought a land, which later was converted into a small Chapel cum school shed. A small school with two teachers and 30 children was started. There was heavy opposition to it. In 1953 Fr. Thomas kalam, s.j., was the first parish priest of Melur. He was ill treated by the people. Then, Fr. Lourdu took his place in Melur; he too was manhandled by the father of a boy to whom he refused First communion due to non sufficient preparation. Around this time about 20 families-migrated here and settled in “St. Xavier’s Street”. A whole village by name Pathinettankudi had become Catholics. This is a completely Dalit village with about 100 families. It was felt by this time that there was a real need for a resident parish priest in Melur. Accordingly Fr. Thomas kalam s.j. was appointed first Parish Priest of Melur. He was installed as Parish Priest on 1.11.1953. On December 24th 1953 Fr. Thomas Kalam s.j. took up residence in Melur. Braving courageously several odds, he started building the church; but before he could complete the church he was transferred in 1957. Fr. T.A. Sebastian completed the church. The total catholic population of this parish is 205 families. However out of this, 103 families live in Pathinettankudi. Melur town has only a few families.


Succession of parish priests:

Fr. Benedict Michael (1957-1958)
Fr. M. Savarimuthu (1958-1960)
Fr. P. A. Sebastian (1960-1970)
Fr. Pinto (1970-1972)
Fr. Packiar (1972-1975)
Fr. D. Amalorpavam (1975-1982)
Fr. V. Michael (1983-1984)
Fr. Francis Xavier (1984-1991)
Fr. V. M. Savarimuthu (1991-1996)
Fr. David Kulandaisamy s.j, (1996-1999)
Fr. D. David, s.j (1999-2001)
Fr. Rosario, (2001-2004)
Fr. S.M.Selvaraj (2004-2009)
Fr. Benedict Barnabas (2009- )


Substations with chapels:

a) Pathinetankudi
b) Ayyappatti
c) Sendalaipatti
d) Kidarippatti
e) Chettiarpatti
f) Rengasamipuram


Participatory structures / associations in the parish:

The Parish Council


The Vincent de Paul Society, The Legion of Mary

Religious in the Parish:


Secular Institute:


Institutions under the Parish Priest

R.C. Middle School; staff : 23

Institutions under the Religious: