1. The Annual Retreat 2017 will be conducted at PILLAR from 17th to 22nd September 2017.
  2. The Archbishop completes the 3rd Year of his Arch-episcopate as the Archbishop of Madurai on 24th August 2017. On this day the diocesan priests, the religious and the Laity thank the Lord for the wonderful gift of our Archbishop and express their solidarity and cooperation to His Grace in leading the Archdiocese into the mind of CHRIST.
  3. ERECTION OF 72nd PARISH: Nakkaneri, bifurcated from Sundaranachiarpuram of Sriilliputhur Vicariate was erected a new parish on 31st July 2017 by Most Rev. Antony Pappusamy and entrusted to the pastoral care of MMI Fathers with a proper Contract signed.
  4. Erection of a new Holy Cross Convent: A new Community of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod was erected at BOMMINAYAKKANPATTI of T. Sindalachery parish by Most Rev. Antony Pappusamy.
  5. Erection of I V Dei community: A new Society called INSTITUTO VOLUNTAS DEI  was erected in the Archdiocese at Anna Nagar parish on 7th July 2017 with a proper agreement signed.
  6. Erection of another Holy Cross convent at Sevugampatti of Batlagundu parish was done on 19th August 2017 with a proper agreement signed. The community administers 1. Hostel for School going children 2, Deepam, A Social Service Society of the Congregation and 3 Deaddiction Center.  – Fr. Chancellor.